Welcome to the Temple,

I was born in the US in an incredible story that began a trail of misfortune. 

A nurse intern, who was more focused on the hot doctor than filling out forms correctly, put the wrong tag on my ankle and I was sent home or at least on the road in a caravan with a couple called Jack and Shirley.

They would travel from town to town performing a duet show at local cowboy bars. 

I’d be shoved in a box behind the bar for the show and for this I became a placid baby as no one could hear my cries over the barfights and screeching sound of Shirley’s yodels.

It was at one of these bars when I was three, as I stood near the guitar case dressed in my rodeo outfit  collecting tips, that a talent agent spotted me. 

My prayers were answered because we were out of the bars and into studios with me starring in commercials advertising everything from toothpaste to life insurance. 

Shirley and Jack bought a house and for the first time we were a real family.

It was the happiest two years of my life before Shirley died of eye shadow poisoning; the blue shimmering  kind had metallics in it that were meant for street cars not skin. 

Jack and I were devastated until a hooker like woman called Marlene came along to ease his pain.

The joy was short lived as it turned out she was an evil stepmother who secretly transferred all my earnings into a bank account. 

She sold the house from under Jack and we didn’t even have the van to go back to.

It killed him on the spot as we returned one day to find some tall white guy dressed in one of Shirley’s favorite dress yelling at us to get off his land.

It was at this point that authorities discovered the mix up at the hospital.   I was flown to Australia to join my biological parents,  Gina and Tony,  plus an instant sister, Jack and Shirley’s real daughter Felicia.

They all lived in a penthouse in inner city Sydney, a lavish lifestyle with little love.  I was restricted to the back rooms of the house and ate separately. 

The only comfort I had was Felicia who confided in me that she always felt out-of-place.

We united and decided to go to court and be emancipated from Gina and Tony at the age of eight.

We moved in with her aunt and Felicia had a small fortune from the pocket-money she stashed.  

We  secretly opened up a betting account and found that we  were natural winners on the punt.

OK… I’ll stop now.  The story above is a complete fabrication of the truth. 

Here at the Temple we appreciate each of us has a past that makes us who we are.

We’re pretty cut and dry on the subject of people. Learn from your mistakes and use them and any other crap that has happened as compost to make the future grow.

I’d love you to share your stories, I’ll share mine and lets use this as a chance to explore who we are and we want to be in life.

We’ll especially love the changing faces of communication and all things social… except Facebook because we’re sick of messenger listening in on us.

Ommm and Peace from the Temple

xoxoxo Tamzen

(C) 2014  TZ

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