DM, Snap, Selfie, Swipe, Blue Birds & Grams

Let’s face it, the world has gone mad, the communcation of  people has evolved into selfies, snapping and texting rather than actual talking. It makes me want to cry but also embrace this robotic future….

I’ll continue to explore the insanity of technogy and the ever changing ways we communicate. I have an expert team on hand to give their spin.

Stay with me on this crazy journy and be sure to follow us and email us any crazy things you’ve experienced on

Meet The Temple Team

Tamzen Temple

Tamzen loves a hashtag, so much so she even has one tattoed on her hand. Waddah. She is the Temple Queen who quit Facebook but loves Instagram So much so she has over 20 accounts….

King Bronzy

Bronzy sets us straight as most kids do. They see the basics, the reality of life where adults just make it confusing.

The Temple Guru Micko

Micko hates hashtags, @s and all forms or Social Media. From this we produce fabulous footage of him looking confused, frustrated and baffled.

The Temple is not an award winning Youtube chanel. We just document the goings on in our house and our house is our Temple and the Temple is invaded by technology and this has driven us crazy.