George Clooney Apologises To Tamzen Temple

If you’ve read my interview with George in Close Encounters, you will know the passion he felt for me just wasn’t going to disappear overnight.  I’m so happy to hear he’s moved on with the news of his recent engagement and thought I’d share with you the letter I received prior to the media discovering his engagement.

Dearest Tamzen

I’m sorry.  The way I behaved after the breakup, especially at the interview, was wrong.

I realise now that you’re not coming back to me.  I’ve decided to move on after endless, meaningless relationships and get engaged to someone.  I wanted you to know before anyone else and tell you that she will never compare to you.

 Amal is intelligent, beautiful and makes me laugh, but she will never be you.  I just wanted you to know, whether I’m engaged or married, I am only a moment away if you ever change your mind.  I’ll drop her like a hot potato if you call and be there in an instant to spend the rest of my charming life with you.

I’ve spoken to Rupes, he is happy to take you back on board giving you access to any stars you want for your online magazine.  Brad and Ang, my great friends were hoping we’d be the awesome foursome again but sometimes it’s about timing and besides, with their 20 odd children it was getting a bit crowded there for me.

Send my sincerest apologies to Micko for the endless prank calls I made to him pretending to be your doctor informing him of a variety of STDs you have from your promiscuous affairs, to the skanky old aged hookers I sent to your door telling you he hired them.  I did it to try to tear you two apart but now realise it will never happen.

Love always

Yours forever

Xo George. 


Disclaimer XYZ

(c) Tamara Zito


The Liebster Award

A very intelligent and talented blogger recently nominated me for a Liebster Award.  They deserve one themselves with a name that many writers can relate to.  Don’t Delete Me.

So although I recently put up an interview with myself which was ridiculous, I have now been asked real questions by a real person.


  1. The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them
  2. Provide 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  4. Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.

Here they are.

11 Facts About Tamzen Temple:

1.I am one of nine children, number five,  the middle child.

2.I don’t like oysters and think they’re a scam and people who like them only pretend as they are a labelled a luxury food. (Slimy, you don’t even chew and isn’t it about tasting something?)

3. I’m related to Marlon Brando (a secret love child)  and  once parachuted off the Eifel tower. Ok both are lies.  I have a bit of a large imagination but in real life I firmly believe you should always tell the truth.  There’s a saying that sums it up.  The less lies you tell the less you have to remember.  This suits me except for the huge fabrications people know I’m making up.  Or am I????

4. I buy all the same type and colour of socks so it never matters if I lose one because they all nearly match anyway.  A sock utopian where all are equal.

5. I love leftover spaghetti and think it’s great, probably at its best about two days later, maybe three.

6. In my life I have worked as a hairdresser, waitress, shelf stacker, sorted fruit, trained students in hairdressing and business, in a fish and chip shop and now as a Temple Queen.

7. I despise the technological era we are in and wish all the satellites would blow up so we would have to go visit people more or call on landlines.  (I would miss you all though)

8. My partner’s name is Michael, (Micko, Guru)  my stepson is named Jordan and my son is named Lebron…  I don’t actually care much for basketball and they aren’t huge fans, it just happened that way.

9. I hate giving facts about myself.  It’s none of your business.

10. I’m sorry I said that, you all deserve to know as you’ve taken the time to read this. Ommm and peace.

11. I’m really good at avoiding issues and even better at dealing with them.


11 Questions asked by Don’t Delete Me and answered by me.

1. What do you really think will happen if there is a Zombie outbreak?

Ummm I thought we were in one.  There are so many people staring into space.  Oh sorry, that’s probably the hypnotic trance all the technology is putting them in.  I’m not sure what would happen, but I would open the doors of the Temple and welcome them in.  We’d hold meetings and discuss better pathways for them, look at their strengths and use them to the world’s advantage.  Even zombies just want to be loved and accepted.

2. If you met your idol in person, what would you do?

I think Elvis is pretty cool. I’d probably make him a cheese and bacon burger, talk about better dietry decisions and tell him that his wylie ways of cheese and bacon burgers led to his demise. Aside from him, the silent heroes are most inspiring.   I’m in awe of volunteers who give up their time for others.  Amazing.

3. If you could travel back in time, where/when would you go?

Back to before Elvis died, if only someone saved him.

4. What is your favorite movie?

I love Kill Bill, all that woman power.  I don’t however condone violence but I’d love to be able to fly my fists and legs around like Uma did if I had to.   Actually, I’d just like longer legs like hers and not my little short ones. Oh but I loved when I saw it, Pee Wee Hermans’ Big Adventure.  At the time I couldn’t stop laughing,  I won’t watch it again in case it’s not as funny as I remember.

5.What is your main goal in life?

To chase and embrace the great  feelings of life.  Life is an experience of how we feel, not what we have or who we know. So to feel great and be healthy, mentally and physically.  I feel fulfilled around my son and my partner, if I’m in a situation that isn’t great, I pretend to be back at the Temple with them and my writing where  I feel safe and happy. I just need to work on being fit, so that’s a goal.

6. Do you have a pet? If so, what is it?

I don’t have a pet. Does my son’s pet rock count?

7. .What are you most afraid of?

I’m not afraid of much as fearing what isn’t there is a waste of time and the universe may hear your fears and may make you face them in a bigger way. I’d rather wait and cope the best I can at the time.  I am a bit scared however of the next generation missing out on the simplicity of life that we enjoyed without all the social networks.  Oh and really scared, like screamy girly scared of big hairy spiders.

8. What is your favorite quote?

The old saying “ There is no ‘i’ in team”  is used to encourage teamwork.  I had a change up when I worked with international students who just wouldn’t listen.  I would tell them, “ There is no ‘i’ in team but if you take out the ‘e’ there’s TAM, so please just do as I say for today for your own benefit.    (TAM- short for Tamzen)

9. If someone told you when you were going to die, would you believe them? If so, how would you live your life up until that final day?

I’d want to know who they were talking to and how they knew. There’s no point fearing death, it happens to us all and there’s two ways it will end up.  I won’t know anything because that will be the end, or I’ll end up with a few friends and relatives in another place.  Oh there is a third but I’m hoping for the whole heaven thing.  I’d live pretty much as I am now, with every second I have spare devoted to my little boy Bronzy and I’d probably cook a lot and freeze meals so Micko wouldn’t have to worry for a while.

10.  What do you think the meaning of life is?

I still don’t know but figure while we are here we try to  live as good people.  We learn values more than lessons.  The lessons we learn, teach us the values and in the end they are just words like respect, love, tolerance. They will mean nothing if we don’t practice them.  I think we all spend a time wandering and wondering, it changed for me and many once I had my son and I figure he was proof of a larger existence and it was so much more than him and others than about me.

11. Are you wondering why there are 11 questions for everything and not an even number like 10 or 12?

No because I love the number 11, it’s a phenomenon, If only I could spell that word without spell check!.  So many of us see the number 11 and think why.  It’s quiet common, maybe Elvis is sending us all a message, that all of us great writers were meant to align.

Peace and Ommm from the Temple.

And now here are my nominations.  We are all on the same journey.

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Now my turn to ask you all above 11 questions to post on your site to let your readers know a little bit more about who you are.

  1. What color socks are you wearing?
  2. What have you bought recently that you regret?
  3. If you had three wishes, what would they be?
  4. What person would you love to meet and why?
  5. If you could have your life over what would you do differently?
  6. Do you prefer summer or winter?
  7. What is 27890 divided by 9.5
  8. What age do you hope to live to?
  9. What is that on the roof above your head.
  10. Why did you look up?  Or did you really look up? (be honest)
  11. What is the daggiest thing about you?



Interview with Thyself: The Coolest Person I Know

TZ : Hey Tamzen, you’re looking fabulous.

Tamzen: Why thanks, I washed my hair.

TZ:  Oh is that a big deal?

Tamzen:  Hell yeah!  Don’t you know after having a child that you may not even get to brush your teeth until Wednesday.

TZ:  Shhh, you’re scaring all the would be mothers.

Tamzen:  You know what?   I don’t care.  Seriously my friend Penny said if the truth about motherhood was revealed we would never reproduce.  I’m here to change that.

TZ: What, to stop people reproducing?

Tamzen: No you idiot, to inform them of the truth.  Childbirth hurts you know, I mean it freaking hurts lots.

TZ:  I think everyone knows that.

Tamzen: Well yeah, maybe that truth has been exposed but what about the stitches.

TZ: Oh, um I don’t wanna know about that.

Tamzen: That’s my point, I didn’t know.

TZ:  So are you saying you wouldn’t have done it had you known.

Tamzen: No of course I would but…..

TZ: But what.

Tamzen:  Ahhh, seriously, I think I’m gunna have to rethink my approach to the info I’m sharing. Right, here’s the plan, we’ll start off small but we’ll add as we go from a lifestyle to parenting section and even reviews on products, movies and more.  I think we’re going to need help and find a few contributors, experts in their field.

TZ:  Sounds exciting.  I’m in.  Can you tell us, how did you come up with the name, Tamzen Temple?

Tamzen:  Well Micko, my incredibly handsome partner calls me Tamzen.

TZ: Is that not your real name?

Tamzen:  No it’s actually Tamara but he called me that when we first met and now all his network think that’s my name.  I don’t mind.

TZ:  What about the Temple part?

Tamzen:  Ah, well if you notice, Tamzen has ZEN in it.  So Temple followed naturally.   I love the whole Temple part as I want here not to just be a webpage or blog but a place for people to come and enjoy and share the absurdities and tranquillity of life.

TZ: Wow, a place not just a website. You are genius!

Tamzen:  I know.. With the big plans and changes happening  for the site you’ll have to make sure you pop in often and press follow so you don’t miss out.

TZ: Already have.

Tamzen:  Great and I appreciate you all.   Ommmm and peace from the Temple.

TZ:  You do realise you’re not really in a Temple or a Temple Queen?

Tamzen: It’s a virtual world TZ, I can be whoever I want.  You may exit.

Ommmm from the Temple

The end.


Although I love chatting to myself (come on we all talk to ourselves)  I’m rather glad and very blessed that I have these two to keep me company. xo


(C) T Zito 2014.

What Sort of Biscuit are You?

What sort of biscuit are you?


The question came about one night while working with a guy called Bob.  “I’m a soft centre,”  He said.  “Would never hurt anyone.”

Hmm I thought as I looked at the selection.  There were just  too many to choose from, an Oreo, Mint Slice, Anzac, or even some type of cracker.  I found my eyes drawn to the Gingernuts.

“Oh that’s me for sure.” I said and it wasn’t just because of my red hair.  Gingernut biscuits are loved mainly by the older generation.  Those around 50 years old or less, have yet to warm to them fully and anyone younger than that think Gingernuts are just bitter and yuk.

Those on the cusp may buy a packet and have a taste of the bitter biscuit with that hint of sweetness and most likely screw up their face throwing the uneaten half out, but not the packet.  They’ll keep it because they may change their mind.

So that sums me up.  Did I mention I’m a cheap home brand version as well? Yes it’s true because there are simply no frills about me, I’m cheap and reliable.

What sort of biscuit are you?

My friend Jo and I have determined, after definitely agreeing she is one coated in chocolate, that she is a Chocolate Caramel Crown.  My first thought was that she is a Chocolate Royal but she’s even grander than that as she has a golden centre.

I’d love to hear what you are. I’m still trying to figure out what Micko is, hmmm actually thinking about it he’s a pack of Assorted Creams as one isn’t enough to define him.  (Life with him is like a Monte Carlo gamble, and full of Melting Moments. Ahhhh)

I’d love to hear just what sort of biscuit you are and why.



Ommmm & chomp from the Temple.

xo Tam


(c) Tamara Zito



More Ridiculous and Useless Items

Image        ImageImage

Easter Sunday I had to run to the supermarket to gather a few supplies.  Ninety dollars later I wandered past one of my favorite discount shops and was lured in with red signs promising massive savings.  I  have to avoid these bargain stores as impulse purchases lead to clutter leads to a waste of space and money but I just couldn’t resist.

You can imagine my delight when I found some more useless items, all within the same hanging space.  I looked above as I was certain there would  be a sign directing consumers to take the advice of the Temple before purchasing a ridiculous item but found none.  I got out my phone and snapped away thinking of you all.

  • An avocado keeper:  Oh woe is  me, this is a tricky one to approach as I guy I work with admits his girlfriend has one of these.  When I asked him, “what happens if you only eat a quarter, or if you’re left with a quarter?”  He stared blankly wondering if it was a riddle or a real question. I won’t ever need one of these as the price of avocados has doubled over the duration of my son’s life.  We used to squander three or four a week between us in his early days.  Now he looks up and me and asks, “where’s the ‘cado mum?” A now distant memory and   it’s not because we don’t have a keeper, it’s because they are overpriced.  And for the love of the Temple, who needs a special slicer for these pale green delights?
  • A cucumber hat.  Keep them fresh for longer.  To all you people that purchase fruit and vegetables or have leftover food, there is a product called Clingwrap. It’s thin plastic that you can wrap around any sort of food to keep fresh.  There are also snap bags if you want to go that way.

I wonder if the other vegetables and fruit in the fridge just hate that the avocado has a special belted coat or are they green with envy of the cucumber with that special little hat.

Oh hang on, food is meant to be eaten, not adorned with ridiculous outfits to keep longer.  I now know what happens when we shut the fridge door and the light goes out.  Well it doesn’t dim at all,  but instead a runway gets rolled out and all the fruit and veggies with their coats and hats parade the latest ridiculous purchases of their owners.

But where in life a jacket can last a life time, these stupid storers outlast the needs of the people using them not just  the fruit that lies on them.  These plastic fad items won’t decompose instead they stay forever in landfill.

  • A strawberry huller,  um I thought the stems where nature’s handles as you hold them and gulp them down, or just USE A KNIFE please.
  • I should have read the instructions but from what I could see it would take more skill to get the egg in the hole to than to separate it.  I’d love to hear from any adult that seriously has trouble separating eggs.  Sure there is a bit of skill involved but it’s a skill you might learn in your teens, if you haven’t by then, go ahead and be lured into all these or give it a go.  I always feel a sense of victory when I separate and don’t get any yolk or shells in the white.  (It’s the small victories)
  • A hard boiled egg without the shell maker.  Manufacturers, a warning.  stop interfering with the way nature intended things to be, throw out the shell afterward, no dishes.

Just remember the rules of these purchases.  If you don’t have a look on our first post of ridiculous items.

strawberry hullerIMG_4517egg separator 


Chi and zen to all

Ommm and Ohhh please don’t buy.

Xo Tam

Welcome to the Tamzen Temple

Welcome to the Tamzen Temple.  I hope you enjoy my look on life,  I pray that you’ll share and encourage your friends to follow and I know together we can all laugh and maybe make the world a better place by just being nice.  Yep, that’s the mantra here at the Temple.  Just be nice. OK!

It sounds simple enough but with our lives busier than ever we sometimes forget to stop and take in the moments, we often miss the opportunity to help when it’s right in front of us and most importantly we should always remember  be thankful for what we have and what others do for us.

Although the old saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ may be true, it’s kinda nice to say thanks and let those around you know that you appreciate not just what they do but the unique beings they are.

I will share with you both the real of my life and maybe a little fun fiction.  You can decide to believe which is which.  I’d love to hear your  comments and experiences.

Peace to all. Ommmm and Ahhhh xx

P.S. to follow post simply hit the follow icon and enter your email address. This will keep you updated with my latest posts.