Interview with Prime Minister Sco Mo

TT : Thanks for coming Primed Minister

PM:   A Pleasure.  I love talking instead of doing. So any chance I get to avoid the real issues is great. And please…. Call me Sco Mo. It’s a bit less stuffy, helps me connect with the everyday Australian.

TT: No it doesn’t but anyway. So where do we start?

PM: Well there’s so much to choose from like I fucked up and went to Hawaii, tried to shake peoples hands that hated me. Did you see me actually lifting limp arms for a handshake? Embarooooo hey? So I spose you could start with the classes I’m taking in body language.

TT: You’re taking classes in this time of crisis?

PM: Yes I am. Impressive hey. I’m addressing the real issues by hitting them head on. Now when I see some who has lost everthing in the fire, instead of going for a high five I stroke my chin, this gives me time to think, makes me look concerned. Then I have five phrases I use.

TT: And what might they be?

PM: One, the stock standard; Sorry for your loss. The obvious; This is devastating, I’m doing all I can. Wink wink. Or the empathatic approach, I can never find my socks and can’t bloody ever remember where my driver puts his car keys so I know what it feels like lose things. Or the….

TT: Stop it there Sco Mo. I think that has been your problem.

PM: Being?

TT: You should zip it. Do more stuff rather than more talking about your mistakes. We don’t need them highlighted. We know you make a lot. And now you want a Royal Commission? In the midst of it all, it’s not even over and you want to spend millions on this when previous action plans haven’t been put in place? How about you just get out and be a leader instead of telling everyone what you are going to do and actually do something?

PM: Hmmmm interesting approach. Doing something. But where would I start.

TT: Freaking keep your trap shut, do stuff and things that will give immediate help and understand these people have lost everything. Let them grieve and don’t shake their hands you clown. Cut some red tape to start with so the many affected won’t have to wait for some sort of relief.

PM: Hang on while I get my notepad.

TT: Seriously?

PM: I need all the help I can get.


So the PM, or Sco Mo …… enough said. How do you think Sco Mo has been handling things? Let me know in comments

Peace and love from the Temple

xo TT

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