Hashtag Meaning Mashtag

If you didn’t know already, I have a hashtag tattoo on my right hand palm.  It allows me to lift my hand and highlight words and keep on trend with current situations.

I’m  a walking virtual Twitter or Instagram animation….

Micko the Temple Guru dislikes it and cannot understand the hashtag meaning… so in the following video I try to explain..

This was taken a few years back and he’s kind of getting it now although….

If I explained it to the next door neighbor’s turtle it might have been easier.

Anywho, I’d love you to show your support to my suffering of hashtag explanations to the Guru by giving us a You Tube thumbs up. Hashtag: Pleeeeaaassseee.

Oh there’s Bronzy.. He loves getting in on the act. Please note. He slips,,,,, we try to highlight the dangers of technology and children so give you this brilliant example of why you shouldn’t use your phone while holding a child.

No child was injured due to my unbelievable reflexes of catching him, or breaking his fall by gripping on to his PJ top.. Buttons however were popped..

Watch until the end and he gives his take as a three year old on hashtags.  Very inciteful.

Hashtag: #Sewing…..

Peace and Ommmm from the Temple


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